In Graves Below

In Graves Below (Magic, New Mexico)
by Carol Van Natta

Can a disabled veteran and a magical dancer learn the secret of dreamwalk, or will demons turn Denver into an all-you-can-eat buffet?

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In Graves BelowRiya Sanobal, a mostly-human rarity in her magical family, hides her heritage and magical talent for doors in favor of her dance career. A rich arts patron likes her work, and a visiting star likes her, but she's distracted by vivid dreams of a sexy, Native American warrior who defeats cheating demons and kisses like, well, a dream.

Time is running out for disabled veteran Idrián Odair, the last dreamwalk warrior of his hidden tribe, to protect his ancestral lands and find his partner. He met her once in the space between the demon worlds and Earth, and now his meddlesome grandfather's ghost insists he must find her in real life before it's too late.

Unless Riya and Idrián can find a way to trust each other and learn the secrets of dreamwalk, Denver will become an all-you-can-eat buffet for a ravenous demon horde. No pressure!

Welcome to S. E. Smith's paranormal romance world of Magic, New Mexico, where the creatures of fairy tales, myth, and nightmares are free to be themselves and find their happily ever after.

If you believe that heart and character matter, that anyone can learn to dance, and that death is just another door, you’ll love In Graves Below.

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In Graves Below is a complete story. It can be enjoyed without having read the other books in the Magic, New Mexico universe, but they're pretty good stories, too, and you should totally check them out.

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Publisher: Kindle Worlds
Publication Date: 5 May 2016
Length: 48,300 words (novella)
Cover Art: Melody Simmons – see large cover image
Copy Editor: Shelley Holloway (Holloway House)
Length: Novella (48,000 words)
Series: S. E. Smith's “Magic, New Mexico”


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